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Why choose KEITRE skateboards?

First of all, thank you for reading & watching our website :) On this page you will find all the answers to why choose/buy KEITRE skateboards decks. 

Let's start from the beginning.  I'm Luca Bartole, founder of KEITRE skateboards, i'm from a country and a city where to make you way in skateboarding and in the life you have to sweat blood to achieve your goals. To many it will seem ridiculous, but already as a child i had to work hard to get / deserve what I wanted. I supose that many of you do the same and I think it's one of the best way to understand and like/love more what you get. 
I know that almost every skater have had to sweat a lot to get the money to buy skateboard stuff and I know that a skater instantly understands if a decks is good or not ;) 



With KEITRE decks you can not go wrong, or repent . The cause it's explained here below :)

​I know, now you'll wonder "why should I buy a deck from keitre, since there are thousand of brands around the world". Well, I'll tell you so, if you collaborate with us you will not only be overjoyed when you'll receive the deck, with which you will skate like never before , but also you will help us grow the skateboarding scene and our team including yourself, that with this board you will feel very comfortable ;)


             Because, one of our primary goals is to give excellent quality decks to all our buyers.


             Because, we are are looking for new riders to add in the team and we check everyone that buy our                                           decks. Maybe you're the one!

           Because,we are giving all our heart to this project and your money will help us grow and with us will grow the                         whole skateboarding scene. 

             Because, we have a special relationship with our customers, we are at their disposal 24 hours a day.



              Because, I want you to spend well these money! 



And let me write this one too:  you (as me) don't want to spend more or less to recieve a bad deck that don't have pop, or have a bad shape, or the quality is equal to a toothpick and breaks down after an ollie down stairs or after a lipslide...​


If you are looking for a perfect board shape and superb quality with a nice design you are in the right place :) Our decks are made in Europe from 100% Canadian Maple. We have choosen to produce our boards from an European factory, one for supporting the European scene and two because after many test around this one was the best!







The resistance of the boards is something wonderful. Not having warries if going to jump stairs is something special ;)


The boards have a special POP even those with medium concave...You should buy one to figure it out 


Fly like an eagle