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I want to let you know that we have prepared something new and really innovative for you :)


From the beginning of our adventure with KEITRE skateboards we have started to carry on our motto 'Keep it real!' We want to give as much as possible and at the same time something special to our customers. We believe in giving something back to our customers which is why we have founded The KEITRE community :) .


With this new approach we want to feel our customers a part of the family, to enjoy together some special moments. We will also organize meetings and internal contest to the community ;) As the real meaning of community also the KEITRE community is formed by group of people having a particular characteristic in common, we are all skaters and we are keeping' it real!

Be one of us and have fun! Membership is a great value!


Registration is free of charge and you will be able to win Keitre goodies by collecting points . You can also receive special invites to all sorts of events and various other benefits which we'll tell you about via our monthly newsletter and social media.

Did we mention it's free?

We're sorry that we can only accept applications from EUROPE :/

All data will be used by KEITRE skateboards for their own purposes only and not be shared with third parties! 


Your benefits as a community member:

  • Monthly electronic newsletter

  • win goodies

  • At all times cancellable

  • be a part of exclusive event just for members

  • When you log in you can check the table of points 

click the button below to read the Rules/instructions 


click the button below and check you current points standings